Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Want to Be Frank Schleck When I Grow Up!!

Today was one of those days where what started out as a ride disaster turned into by best solo ride of the year so far. If it was a solo ride, why is it the Waffler's Blog? Because although he did not ride, Action Figure Bill was a driving force.

I had wanted to ride today because I had two big inspirations from the Tour de France today: Frank Schleck doing a heroic ride in support of his brother, Andy, and Thor Hushovd serving the Manx Mouth, er Missile, Mark Cavendish a tall glass of shut up. Bill was not able to ride, but urged me on to the road. And so I eventually set out. Five miles in to the ride, I reached for my water bottle for a drink, and realized that I had left something very important at home. You guessed it! There was no way I could do twenty-three miles with no water. I was ready to turn it around and go home, but as a last ditch effort, I put in a call to Action Figure Bill for some Waffler Team Car assistance. He was not quite home from his errands, but he said he would stop at his house, snag a water bottle, and me me along the route. All of a sudden, it was on!

Now, don't get the idea that I thought I was going to beat Bill in his car, but I just wanted to be farther along than he would be expecting when he caught up with me. I figured I could at least make it to the top of the big hill at Kinnelon before my water drop. So I dropped the hammer, and took off. I made great time to the base of the hill, and as I started the climb, i couldn't tell if it was from the exertion or the excitement of the chase. Every time I heard a car behind, I was checking to see if it was Bill. All of a sudden, I was Frank Schleck climbing the Col de la Colombiere. And when I crested the climb and still did not see the car, any pain from the climb was flushed away, and I threw myself back into the frantic pace.

When I came around the lakes, I was torn between the thrill of not having been caught by the team car,, and concern for lack of water since I was getting a bit dry in the throat. Bill caught up just at the right time, handed me one water bottle and doused me with another, and I got back on the pace. Because it was getting a little dark, Bill tracked me the rest of the way back, and hopefully got a few good pix. And this ride was wrapped up with a 15.3 MPH average pace, and two slices of pizza.

And that's how a ride started as a disaster, and wound up wild! (for me at least)


Anonymous said...

awesome blog. love it. afb caught me walking the dog on his way to rescue you. awesome how the morris county minor celebs stick together.

Anonymous said...

well done!