Monday, October 5, 2009

A Charleston Respite

We woke up early this morning to some pretty intense rain, which would come and go throughout the day. We quickly prepared the boat (and ourselves) for foul weather, and pulled up the anchors, bidding farewell to McClellanville.

While enroute to the open sea, we encountered some playful dolphin, swimming about in the wake of our bow, but they did not follow us out to the ocean, which should tell you something of the intelligence of dolphins over men.

The weather and sea presented us with challenges, but it all made for a good day of sailing. We all worked together, and the boat ran in good form. We all got in some good practice trimming the sails and manning the helm, and we made excellent time to the mouth of the channel that leads to Charleston Harbore, where the wind promptly died on us. As it turned out, it was just a little calm before the next rain squall moved in us. So we got a little soaking again, but the wind did come back for us.

Once in the harbor, we went under power to make best speed back to the dock. Action Figure Bill was flying back to NJ today, so a trip to the airport was also on the schedule, and timing was important.

In addition to losing Bill today, we also said goodbye to Fourth Crewmember Bob, who needed to get back home. So tomorrow, it will be just Dr Bob and I sailing south to St Helena Sound, where we intend to anchor for the night, and hopefully link up with Bob's father, Clive.

But for tonight, we enjoyed a little rest in Charleston, with dinner at the South End Brewery on East Bay St. An amazing dinner, and a great selection of locally brewed beer. And to finish it off, some signature pecan pie from Kaminky's.

A great night of shore leave, for tomorrow we sail again!

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