Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Wafflers Go Camping

After many trials and tribulations we were finally able to head out to Stokes Forest today. We pulled into the camp site just around noon and. commenced to setting up.Bill's fancy new popup trailer. We will be sleeping in style tonight. After a cold lunch we started on our hike, which turned out to be a six mile jaunt sound the forest. That was just enough for the three of us. Bob gathered up some wood and we got a pretty good fire going to keep the cold night at bay. When we started thinking about. dinner, though, we discovered that we were not quite so well prepared. We had plenty of food but no cooking utensils. So in true Waffler fashion we poured a round of drinks and set about working with what we had. So we wound up with a good meal of grilled brats, roasted vegetables, and campfire baked sweet potatoes. We are winding down the night hugging the campfire, regaling each other with tales of past exploits, and secretly being thankful that the camper has a heater.
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