Saturday, May 17, 2014

Every Good Voyage Starts at the Gin Joint

At least it does if you are a Waffler! We started the planning phase of our trip with a couple of  Churchill Martinis, which are out of this world. A fine blend of a number of top shelf Gins with a lemon peel  (no olives here), and it all comes together quite smoothly. And before we broke out the charts, we appropriately put away a couple of chicken walked sandwiches topped with red pepper jelly. Spicy, sweet, and delicious.

While enjoyed ourselves with food and drink, we broke out of charts and task lists (I was really just kidding about starting out planning at the bar). Unfortunately, Bob has a shift tomorrow, but there are some things I will be able to do on my own to get us closer to finishing the outstanding tasks. Our goal is to get underway late Monday or early Tuesday, and sail straight through to Palminico Sound in North Carolina. If we make good enough time, we hope to be able to see Ocracoke, which is where they captured Blackbeard. We will have to see how we do for time.

Either way, it is going to be an adventure.

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