Thursday, October 13, 2016

On to Blackbeard's Last Stand

Today was a very quiet day of motoring. We were anchors up at 6:40 AM and had 12 hours of motoring until we arrived at Ocracoke Island, the site of Blackbeard's last stand.

It is no wonder that Blackbeard favored this island, as it is a tricky channel to navigate. It is easy to imagine him sailing away laughing as the Royal Navy ran aground.

We haven't gotten to see much of the island, since we got here so late, and the power was out when I came ashore. Apparently they are experiencing the worst flooding since 1944,and the island is under evacuation for visitors. The locals were a bit surprised to see us. Bob dropped me dockside before heading to anchor so that I could get provisions. Fortunately the grocery store and ABC store were running off a generator and open. It was about a half a mile walk there, and on the walk back the power came back for the island. We had a nice dinner on the boat consisting of some locally acquired steaks, and are looking forward to exploring tomorrow before departing.

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