Monday, September 10, 2007

One Last Shanghai Surprise

The only way to describe the acrobatic show last night is breathtaking. The dedication that these people have to their art is nothing short of heroic. I hope the pictures I took do it justice. After the show, we took our new Texan friend Gary to the Little Horse Bar that we found the night previous, to try to run out our remaing yuan.

This morning our little group broke up. Most of our group left in the morning for the airport, while we left at noon. We were sad to part with out new friends, however, we will try to stay in touch, and we will always treasure the memories.

We used the morning time to get our bags in order, and then left with another group on an hour long journey to the airport. On our way out, the local guide pointed out the maglev train, which at 430 kph, makes the trip from the airport to Shanghai in just 7 minutes! Our new mission, ride that train. So we wasted know time getting checked in and set off on our last Shanghai adventure (for this trip).

Purchasing a round trip ticket each, we only had to wait a couple of minutes for the train, since they run every 15 minutes. The timing worked out well. From the time the train started, to the time the next train brought us back from Shanghai, only twenty minutes had past.

We are now back in Chicago, and Bob and I have gone to our separate terminals. After 12 days together, it feels a little empty witout him with me. Hope to see you soon, Bob.

I will do one last post after I can get some pictures loaded to Flickr for you all to enjoy, so check back one last time this weekend!

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Pete said...

Sounds like quite the epic trip! Can't wait to hear more detail over Dosa Masala at Chand palace...