Saturday, September 8, 2007

To Our Last City

First, to answer a question about the hanging coffins in the caves along the Yangtze River. Yes, I believe there are actually bodies in there. Ancient settlers along the river used these caves for burial sites. Why, and how they hauled these coffins to these heights remains a mystery. Some of these coffins have been moved to museums, since the Three Gorges Dam Project will flood and cover this site, as well as many farms of people living there now.

Last night was our farwell banquet on the Victoria Rose (our ship), and then we were treated to a caberet show by the crew. No one from the guest list volunteered their talents, but there were some audience participation opportunities toward the end, and then some general dancing. A great time was had by all who attended. And our friend Erik the bartender successfully recreated the martini recipe we imparted to him without assistance.

This morning we took an excursion to the Dam, and then continued sailing to Yichang through the rain, where we disembarked. Although we were excited about moving on, there was some sadness as we had, in true Waffler fashion, made many friends among the crew that we were sorry to part ways with ( and not just the bar staff). There was Lewis, our waiter; Minseng, Lee, Erik, and He Yao from the bar; and Fan Yi and Xiu Ping from the fromt desk reception. We will miss them all.

In Yichang, we visited a local museum and farmers market, and now off to Shanghai!

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Pete said...

The Dam must have been impressive - nice to say you have seen the area before it is all under water.