Saturday, September 6, 2008

So We Got Sunburned

A truly great sail today. Unfortunately, conditions did not allow us to make Edisto, but that is how the wind is sometimes. With our back up plan also failing due to shallow water, we headed back to Charleston. So it was a good, full day under sail. And since Bill and I were not liberal enough with the sun block, we both have some red patches that promise to turn painful later on. As a bonus to me, Bob let me pull the boat into dock. Happily, I did ok, and Bob still has a very nice boat. Now off to Shem Creek to paint the town red, so to speak. We hope to numb the pain of sunburn...

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Anonymous said...

Every little pain from the sunburn brought back wonderful memories of your hurricane sailing adventure...right?

It could only happen to you wafflers!


Kori said...

I just wanted to prove that I actually DO read the blog... eventually.

Some of the wafflers appear to be in the late stages of sunburn (i.e. peeling). Another great memory, I guess!