Saturday, September 6, 2008

Waiting for Things to Blow Over...Literally

You might think Biker Bill and I were bored, and flew down to see Bob right when TS Hanna was going to hit, but you would be wrong. Bill and I are just lucky that way.

We spent Thursday night on the boat, and spent breakfast Friday morning deciding whether or not to sneak in a sail before the storm hit. Surprisingly, good sense prevailed and we took to securing the boat for Hanna's arrival.

Eventually, we made our way to Folly Beach to see if anywhere was open for hurricane parties. Of course there was. But first we wanted hit the beach to check out the doings. As you may have guessed, the surfers were out! I have to confess that even though I know in my head surfing during a heavy storm is risky, in my heart I would have been loved to be out there with a surf board. I can't explain it.

Now you may ask yourself, what is more crazy than surfing with a tropical storm/hurricane coming down? Kite boarding with a tropical storm/hurricane coming down! Yes a couple intrepid kite boarders were out there. I tried to capture a good image, but it was difficult due to the DRIVING RAIN!

After being thoroughly soaked, we retreated to a local establishment to dry out, and warm ourselves from the inside. Today we cast of, and if the winds are favorable, we will make it down to the North Edisto River and find anchorage for the night. Here's hoping!

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