Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Full Stack of Waffles

Dr Bob is back in NJ! Or at least for the weekend. So we are packing as much into it as possible.

As to be expected, we all (Bill, Bob, Kory, and I) went to Yama Sushi last night for the "Bob Special". That is where they just make Bob whatever they want. But they have yet to put together a spread for us that was not top notch. They always get our vote for the best sushi in Morris County. Later on we retired to Bill's place for a scotch, and general relaxation. After Bill and Kory kicked us out, Bob and I retired to Fox Hill Rd for some DVD movie action before crashing.

This morning we had an early start, as I drug Bob to my tai chi class at Six Degrees of Wellness in Denville. Fortunately, Robert is always up for something new, and Gary is a great teacher, so I think Bob got a little knowledge out of the hour.

After a cup of tea at Nature's Enerqi for breakfast, we headed back up to see Bill, and start making a project list for "the boat". For those of you unfamiliar, "the boat" refers to a sailing dinghy that Bill and I purchased very inexpensively two years back. We got as far as christening it "the 3 S's", and did some light work toward making seaworthy again, but not nearly enough. So we put Bob's expertise to work, and now we have a more comprehensive list. We also managed to work in an expensive trip to West Marine, but we are more optimistic now about getting "the boat" in the water next spring.

Tonight, we all converged on Fox Hill Rd for a big cook out, where we were joined by friends Hou Li and Terry, and Terry's two boys. Bill did his usual bang up job on the grill with the chicken and shrimp, and Kory cooked up some really good Jersey Corn. We introduced Hou Li to gin and tonic, and we made Terry an honorary Waffler for the night, and the four of us enjoyed a round of Talisker (the ladies chose not to imbibe). We rounded off the evening with S'mores for dessert, which I think Max and Gavin (Terry's sons) seemed to enjoy, as did the rest of us. After much eating, drinking, and good conversation, the evening broke up, and I was sure glad of Bob's help in cleaning.

Sadly, Bob goes back to Charleston tomorrow. But we have for almost the whole day, so we'll do our best to wear him out so he at least sleeps well on the train!

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