Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Local Haunts of of Charleston

We had a great day in Charleston. We spent a fair amount of time walking around at the South Eastern Wildlife Conservation Exposition, reading up on various efforts, and speaking with different conservation and rescue groups. It was an interesting afternoon, and tied well in with the book "PlanB 3.0" that Bob has me reading. For those who don't know Bob and Ronda, I would say that the Earth is their cause.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon looking at shops and historic homes. My particular favorite style is the Charleston Single House style of building.My understanding is that it evolved from the narrow yet deep lots that people had to build on in the city. The house usually appears from the front as just a normal house with a front door, but the front door opens on to a side porch that runs the length of the house, in order to catch the breeze.

After a brief stop for an ice cream cone at Kilwin's (a Charleston institution for the sweet treats), we had the Main Event. I love doing walking ghost tours in Charleston. They are fun, can be a little spooky sometimes, and are a great way to get to know the city. Most of the guides, in addition to knowing the ghost stories, are very knowledgable about the history, and will gladly share information about the city as they walk you between story sites downtown. So we had our fill of walking around graveyards from the 1600s, voodoo witch doctors who had dark dealings, the ghost of John C Calhoun, and phantom Indians. If you ever come here, it is something you should do. I will say that the later the tour the better, if you are travelling without young children.

We dined at a fine steakhouse called Oak, where we had a fabulous meal. They had a vegan menu for Ronda (unusual for a steakhouse), but Bob and I went to town with the New York Strip. It has been a long while since I had a steak that good. I also enjoyed an appetizer of clams casino, and finished the evening with a glass of port. None of this a part of the healthy life style I am going for, but if I was going to have an evening's indulgence, I was going to do it right.

And so I leave today, but having spent a great vacation with two really great friends. I hope to be able to reciprocate for them in the near future, and have them up for a visit.

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