Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Sun Sets On Another Sea Voyage

Yesterday, sadly, was our last day of cruising. We awoke again to low temperatures, although it was six degrees warmer than the previous morning (46 degrees as compared to 40). This time Bob made the first move out of bed to make the coffee. For some reason, we decided that this was a good time to go for a swim to replace the zinc on the boat. Since Bob was the only one with a wet suit, we did not need to play paper-scissors-rock to make this decison. Bob bravely went forth and did the needful in 56 degree water, while I bravely handed him tools from the boat. Bob informs me that I am getting a wet suit for Christmas this year.

Afterwards, we had a good breakfast at Blackstone's in Beaufort, where they are well known for there omelets. They also have a collection of movie posters from all the movies that were made in Beaufort (such as "The Prince of Tides", "Forrest Gump", and "The Big Chill"). After breakfast. I dropped Bob back at the boat, and toured the marina in the dinghy, admiring many of the sailboats at anchorage there.

Bob's parents, Clive and Jennifer, motored out in their boat, the QEIII, and took me on a little tour of the Beaufort area from their boat. As beautiful as the view is from the Point out to the water, it is just as beautiful being out on the water looking back onto the land with also those magnificent mansions. It is truly a scene from the antebellum South. Later, we rejoined the Black Dog on her way to Cat Island Creek. She drooped her anchor outside of the channel, and we tied the QEIII along side her so that Bob and I could treat his parents to a lunch cooked aboard the boat. Afterwards, they took their leave, and we completed our trip to our mooring at Cat Island Creek. We tied up at 14:45, thus ending our epic voyage. As ever, we were sorry to see it end. Clive met us at the dock, and we off loaded our gear into Clive's car so that he could take us back to our car. We finished our evening in Charleston, watching Casablanca.

It was odd this morning to wake up in a real bed with a comfortable 65 degree room temperature. "Odd" is maybe not as accurate decription as "pleasant". Even better was taking a hot shower in a somewhat larger than 3 foot by 3 foot enclosure we had been showering in. Still, it was a great trip on the water, with some good sailing. The lack of creature comforts just enhances the experience. Hopefully, I will get my land legs back soon, and the ground will not feel like it is rocking. We are in anticipation of a good day downtown with a good dinner and interesting sights and activities.

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