Sunday, March 13, 2011

Closing the Log Book on Another Voyage

After losing an hour of sleep to daylight savings, when crawled out of bed and into the dinghy to go ashore ashore for breakfast at Blackstone's. We were again joined by our new friends Dave and Debbie, at we took the opportunity to enjoy the weather with a quick stroll about the town.

But Bill and I were bound by the airline time table, so we had to keep it short and pull up anchor to get the Black Dog  to a more long term berth so that we could drive back to Charleston to catch our flight.

I am always a little melancholy  at the close of a sailing trip, when we have to put aside our life of adventure and rejoin the real world. And with some hesitation, we the the boat at the dock, like leaving an old friend, saying "see you again soon", and wondering when you can pull yourself away from real life long enough to go play pirate again.

The Wafflers thank the Black Dog for another great trip.

The Wafflers thank the Black Dog for 

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