Saturday, May 4, 2013

Flight Delays

Nothing ever goes without a hitch, so of course the plane broke down. Happily, it did not malfunction in midair, but was discovered on the ground before boarding. In that frame of mind, I was able to easily stand a two hour flight delay. I made good inroads on an interesting book on pirates (how's that for a pre- sail read?) and the two hours passed rather quickly.

I always love stepping out of the airport in Charleston. It always feels like I can smell the ocean from there. Sadly, it was too late by then to head out to the Gin Joint, so Bob and I headed back to his home for some refreshment. Bob always has the best in the beverage department, and today I was shown his latest find... Hand crafted tonic water from the Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. It was bottle number 46 out of some unknown number. Along with Bob's cannonball ice cubes, it makes for an exceptional gin and tonic. I gotta get me some. Remind me to expound sometime on the virtue of a round 'ice cube'.

We plan to set sail on Sunday. The winds arm favourable in the forecast, which is calling for 25 mph coming from the south east, which will be a good direction for us. Tomorrow we provision, then head to Beaufort to maker the Black Dog ready for another trip.

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