Saturday, May 4, 2013

Down to Beaufort

Close your eyes and imagine a small southern town or of a Hollywood movie, with majestic oak trees drapes in Spanish moss, beautiful gardens, and people who meet your eyes, smile and say hello as they walk by you on the street, even though you are a stranger. That is Beaufort. We drove down today to get the boat ready, and also had a nice visit with Clive and Jennifer, Bob's parents.

Coming back to board the Black Dog felt like meeting up with an old friend you haven't seen in a while. I am happy to be back aboard. Our big task today was to mount a new radar dome aft, but as is typical with these projects, it required an extra trip to the hardware store. But we think we have it all worked out(famous last words). We had to stop just short of completing the task due to a lightning storm (no one seemed keen about holding a long metal pole to the sky during the event), but we will be up early tomorrow to finish the mount, and be underway by ten thirty. Cat Island Creek, where we are docked, has a shallow at the entrance that will require us to pass before the tide recedes, so time is critical.

After a few hours of working on the boat to make her ready, we were starving. Clive recommended the 11th Street Dockside Restaurant in Port Royal to us, and we loved it! We split some Low Country Hushpuppies for an appetizer, and a has the best steak I've eaten in a long time. Bob had the surf and turf, and he managed to get down enough crab legs to make a centipede.  I will sleep good tonight, with a full stomach and the boat rocking in the wind.

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