Sunday, May 5, 2013

The First Day Out

The first thing I heard this morning was the wind whistling through the rigging. Number two was rain pounding the deck above me. Not an ideal day for sailing, but we are trying keep a schedule, so we set to work doing the needful. We had some prep tasks to be completed for this morning that had been delayed due to issues mounting the radar yesterday, and we set to completing those, and late morning saw us leaving the dock.

We cleared the entrance to the creek before in became impassable, but we were faced with a decision at this point; do we hawed out to open water, or ride out the bad weather while motoring up the intracoastal? It is one thing to be caught in a squall while at sea, and another to head out in one. We opted for the intracoastal. We donned foul weather gear to stay dry (as much as we could), and by combination of sail and engine, made the North Edisto River by about 7 PM. We are enjoying a comfortable anchorage off Edisto Island, and will be back at it in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

Nice hat! Weather in NJ is BEAUTIFUL! Deb and friends