Monday, September 22, 2014

New Berth at the St John's Yacht Club

Well if we couldn't be the Scourge of the  Seven Seas, we were at least the scourge of the ICW today!  We set out from McClellansville and made our way down the Intracoastal under the black flag.

Our jolly roger got plenty of appreciation from our fellow boaters, and we heard many an  "argh"  as we passed other vessels.

There was a good deal of wildlife to be seen as we made our way down, including a bald eagle. Additionally, the wind was good, and we were able to put the sails out and have a good sail around Charleston Harbor.

One bit of excitement was putting the dinghy in the water, and zipping around Charleston Harbor trying to get a few good pix of the Black Dog under sail. Hopefully when Bill downloads his camera there will be a few good ones in there.

We found a good marina on the Stono River, and after some difficulties mooring due to current, we got the boat secured.

We had a nice dinner at  Poogan's and then retired back to the boat for the evening.  We will close out this trip by knocking around Charleston tomorrow prior to our evening flight to NJ.

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