Friday, May 1, 2015

Four for the Open Sea

It was a good day for sailing. Wafflers Bill, Bob,  and Jay were joined by new crew member Matt Flagg for a few days of high sea adventure on a sailing trip down the Georgia coast.

We got underway from Beaufort, SC at 11:30 am after breakfasting with Bob's parents at Blackstone's (and Blackstone's never disappoints for breakfast). We made a quick stop to pump out the holding tanks, and then we sailed out of Port Royal Sound. Once on the open ocean, the weather was just about perfect. While underway, we were able to resolve some issues with the reefing lines, and we enjoyed a nice easy sail down the coast.

There were some question about where to anchor overnight. Our first option was Tybee Island, however we could not locate a good anchorage on the chart. There were some other options down the coast, but we did not feel that we had sufficient local knowledge to navigate those waters in the dust. We opted to push a little further to St Catherine's Island. This island, interestingly enough,  is a preserve for the NY Zoological Society where they maintain some of their exotic animals. Additionally, there are feral hogs there, and we hope to see some tomorrow morning before we leave.

As we came up St Catherine's Sound and turned off to our anchorage, we saw a shrimp boat anchored with its net extended, and totally illuminated by its mast lights, making it look like a ghost ship. We dropped anchor just behind it at 9:20 pm. Having secured the boat, we settled into dinner and cocktails while we took turns regailing Matt with tales of Waffler adventures past.  We hope for an early start tomorrow, with the intent to make it to Brunswick.

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Kori said...

Thanks for the update! And remember, if you go out with 4, you have to come back with 4!