Sunday, May 3, 2015

To Sunbury

It has been a day of adventure for us.

It started early. Bill made a pancake breakfast, and soon after we bid farewell to our new friends, Myron and Dana, and their vessel, the Hold Fast. We wish them safe passage, and hope our journies intersect again.

We were underway by nine thirty, and heading up the ICW. We stayed in, since the winds were not favorable for sailing, but we found adventure in other ways.

As we motored north toward Sunbury, Bob and Jay launched the dinghy, and went ashore on St Catherine's Island, to examine the local fauna. Landings were made in two separate locations and shells were collected. Then Bill and Jay switched spots in the dinghy, and Bob and Bill explored a side estuary off the ICW in search of gators. After a fruitless search, they returned to the Black Dog, and we continued to Sunbury in earnest.

One exciting moment in our transit was the sighting of a bald eagle, always a majestic sight.

We tied up at the Sunbury Crab Company ( at five-thirty in the evening. Barny, Elaine, and their staff have gone out of their way to make sure our stay was perfect. They have very cool decor that had a very casual feel to it, the whole place has a very welcoming feel. We were very happy to use the shower they provide for boaters, washing away alternating layers of bug spray and sun block. We topped off the evening with a fabulous meal and live music. The meal was top shelf, and the key lime pie cheese cake was the perfect finish.

Sadly, we need to set out early tomorrow morning, because Sunbury seems to have some interesting history to it, and is one of Georgia's most famous lost towns ( . It would be interesting to be able to walk around a bit, but the time is not there. Perhaps on another voyage.

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