Monday, May 4, 2015

Overnight at Skull Creek Island

I love overnighting at Skull Creek Island. It just has a Pirate ring to it.

We were all up early this morning because we were invaded by the dreaded no-see-ums overnight. No-see-ums are these insidious little bugs which are very tiny and seem to be able to sneak through bug screens. By the time we knew what happened, we had been eaten alive by these things. Bill and Bob moved up to the cockpit where it was cooler in hopes that it might be better, Jay and Matt rode it out below. No one got a lot of sleep and when daylight broke we were up and getting underway.

We had a lazy motor up the ICW. We saw some very scenic towns from the boat, and another bald eagle as well.

Matt ran out of cigars, and we did a touch and go in Thunderbolt, GA to put him ashore to go looking. After striking out there, we took Matt back aboard. Some calls were made to other marinas, but no luck. Finally, Matt hit paydirt in Habourtown in Hilton Head.

After that it was short hop to our anchorage at Skull Creek Island. Bill cooked a stir fry dinner, and we whiled away the twilight hours in the cockpit, enjoying some tobacco, having drinks, and planning future sails on the Black Dog.

Tomorrow morning will see us back in Beaufort, and we leave the Black Dog with memories and experiences from our latest voyage.

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