Friday, May 27, 2016

Cape Charles

Due to issues with water depth, we had an early start from Tangier Island this morning. We were bummed about missing breakfast at the Chesapeake House, but waiting to leave would have kept us there until late afternoon, and we really needed to reach Cape Charles today.

Unfortunately we had to motor down,  because the winds were right on our nose. But we made Cape Charles by one o'clock.

Once the boat was secure, we were able to shower at the marina (as opposed to showering on the boat and cutting into our fresh water supply)  and then walk around the town for for a bit. We visited several interesting shops, including a hardware store that harkened back to th the hardware stores of my youth, the type of hardware store that has everything under the sun. Matt was even able to buy some cigars.

We wound up at Kelley's Gingernut Pub for an early dinner, and after a brief rest on the boat and a stroll around some local art galleries, we wound up back there for dessert. The food was good,  and I would love to make it back there sometime for the shepherds pie.

We also met with another sailboat named the Black Dog out of Newport News. The owner, Jim, was a friendly guy, and we had a nice little chat about sailing and kayaking.

Tomorrow we will need to move the boat to the slip were she will reside until the end of June, and then give her a good cleaning. And then Bill and I will drive to Jersey, while Bob and Matt head back to South Carolina. I have hopes that planning will begin for our next voyage soon.

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