Friday, May 27, 2016

Tangier Island

Another long day, but so worth it. We had intended to leave Mobjack Bay at 7 AM to get an early start for Tangier Island. However, we were all pretty excited to go, and we were up and underway by 6:30.

We initially had to motor, but then got some wind coming up from the south, and where able to put out our sails. We even used the whisker pole for the first time, holding the jib out to sail in a wing on wing configuration. It was a good day for sailing, and the Chesapeake is a beautiful spot to do it in.

We tied up at the Parks Marina on Tangier Island around 3:30. The dock master Milton met us on the pier, and although in his eighties, was quite spry, and was able to help us get tied up very quickly. Upon his recommendation, we opted for the Chesapeake House.

A brief word on Tangier Island. I am not sure I can give it justice by typing words on a smart phone. It is  a very fascinating place, with a rich history. The island is totally isolated from the mainland (the only way on or off the island is by boat or air transportation) and they have their own way of life that might be envied for its simplicity. The impression that I walked away with is that this are good and friendly people.

We arrived at the Chesapeake House at 4,which was good because they close at 5 (most of the island closes down early). They serve family style there, so there were no menus, they just started bringing food. We had ham, corn pudding, pickled beets, fresh baked bread, coleslaw, potato salad, crab cakes, and clam fritters. Everything was delicious, and we stuffed ourselves. Bill and I even bought cookbooks.

Also at dinner, we shared a table with a couple, Hank and Janet. They are the proud owners of the Salt Lick, a trawler in which they are doing the Great Loop. It is always fun to meet other travelers on our trips, and we wish Hank and Janet good luck on completing the loop.

After dinner, we took a nice leisurely stroll around the island and read the various historical plaques placed around the island. Then Bob and I stopped by the Four Brothers Crab House for a free ice cream. Apparently, this is how the Four Brothers Crab House kicks off their summer season -  free ice cream for everyone. We were told that this is their sixth year doing this, and it seemed to be quite the event on the island. It is quite possible the whole island was there.

We had hoped to stay for at least breakfast tomorrow, however it seems that we need to be off early in order to have enough water depth to make it out, or else we would be here until late afternoon tomorrow, which would throw off out time table. Although our time here was short, it was a very enjoyable and interesting side trip on our way to Cape Charles.

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