Saturday, May 21, 2016

Down to the Wire

We had a slow start this morning after a late night last night. But once we got moving, it was a productive day.

Bill spent a good three hours cooking meals to be reheated on the boat for lunches and dinners, while Bob and Matt did some last minute work on the boat. Ronda and I picked up the remaining stores, and some missed ingredients for Bill, and I spent the remaining afternoon assisting Bill as needed, and getting contact info for the Delorme InReach season that we could send status messages to our families. Additionally, Bob's dad, Clive, will send us weather updates via the InReach.

We all had a light dinner at The Lot, and Ronda dropped is at the boat. We quickly got everything taken on board, and will settle in for an early night.

The weather report is currently not what we would have it be, and we may need to pull into Wilmington NC to ride out some bad conditions and unfavorable winds, as opposed to sailing straight through to the Chesapeake, but we will make that decision at the appropriate time.  For now, 9 AM will see the tide go out, and us with it.

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